How to curb hair loss : Hair loss: The first way to curb hair loss is to treat your own diet. Never miss iron, proteins, Omega 3 fatty acids and oligo-elements such as zinc. Secondly, for the fall problem, it is good to keep the scalp clean, which does not mean washing the hair every day, but using detergents that remove all impurities and sebum accumulations, responsible for poor oxygenation of the skin, and therefore of its nourishment, as the hairdressers advise. The most effective shampoos in this regard are those based on exfoliating microgranules, to cure any problems of seborrea, dandruff and dermatitis with scales, which can be found on the market or from your hairdresser. Sometimes hair loss can be caused by a dry and hard scalp that therefore needs to be nourished and stimulated, even with a few sessions from your hairdressers. Free to energizing ginseng and caffeine lotions and nutritious oil wraps. In the anti-fall fight, the latest cosmetic innovations for hair, concern the possibility of keeping the hair bulb growing. Under special conditions, in fact, the hair stops growing prematurely and detaches from the scalp. The latest generation of lotions, shampoos and serums avoid this premature detachment, thus curbing hair loss considerably.

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19 Nov 19
Keith Harris

Find put the latest hair collection, called “Avant Garde” , made by Keith Harris, international hairstylist from UK

MUA: Rita Simone
Style & Direction: Ekaterina Belaya
Photographer: Daria Belikova
Assistant Photographer: Stanislav Kopanev
Assistant hair: Marina Vaskina
Assitant MUA: Margo Mayor
Post production: Celena


19 Nov 19
  • ANGELO SEMINARA ha concluso la sua collaborazione con DAVINES
Angelo Seminara
  • TOM CONNEL ricoprirà il nuovo ruolo di HAIR ART DIRECTOR per DAVINES
Tom Connel
18 Nov 19
Ashley Gamble

Elements, was inspired by the changing seasons and the vibrant, eclectic tones within nature. It finalised in HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards for Schwarzkopf Professional British Colour Technician of the Year and has awarded Ashley and –Stephanie front covers and social media coverage across the globe.

Hair: Stephanie and Ashley Gamble
Ph: Richard Miles
Stylist: Ashley Gamble  


15 Nov 19

Clicca qui e Guarda lo Sfogliabile

15 Nov 19

Hairstylist: Angelo di Pasca per Saccucci's Master Class
Ph: Patrizio Gentile, Kobe Thinh Nguyen, Escalante.
Make up : Oristano Guevara, Sophia Chau Hoang


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